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Design Your Own Ring

Chose everything from the material to the diamond cut, the band style to the clarity.

Let Outwork Jewellery Services take care of the production while you can spend your time designing the perfect ring for your special occasion.

Start Designing Your Ring

Jewellery Services Birmingham

Our extensive knowledge and skills in Jewellery Setting and jewellery repairs make us the premium service provider for a range of gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewellery. We are proud to offer a wide range of services including engraving, stone replacement, resizing and CAD/CAM design for all aspects of jewellery care and creation.

We also offer a ring design service, allowing you to design the perfect design for your special occasion or significant other. Choose the material, diamond cut, band style and more to create a truly unique piece.

Our Diamond jewellery Birmingham services are renowned across the UK. Contact Us today for more information or to enquire about a tailored service depending on your requirements.